Product Description

Every time the weapon fires, the Airsoft gun imparts a solid and satisfying recoil force when fired, simulating the recoil of the real weapon. When the Magazine is empty, the weapon stops firing, mimicking the real-steel process. Change mags and hit the Bolt Release, and youre good to go! Manufactured to the highest possible standards by Tokyo Marui, this AEG is a near-flawless replica of the Original SOPMOD M4, looking almost indistinguishable from the genuine article. The Receiver, RIS Handguard and Outer Barrel are all constructed from Alloy, flawlessly finished in black. The replica A2 Finger Ridged Pistol Grip, and 5 Position Adjustable Crane Stock are both constructed from Durable and Lightweight Polymer, like those found on the real SOPMOD. The Handguard is an accurate replica of the Knights Armament Company 20mm RIS Railed Handguard, a Modular way for users to Customise their gun with Grips, Laser/Light Modules and other tactical accessories, enhancing the guns practicality and ergonomics. As part of Maruis hallmark dedication to Authenticity, they have even constructed a Replica Gas Tube, running from the Front Sight Post, under the Handguard to the Receiver. The Upper Receiver is an A3 Style Flat Top, featuring a 20mm RIS Rail for Optics, allowing users to enhance their ability to locate and track targets, however the SOPMOD is supplied with a Removable, Fully Adjustable Rear Ironsight. Not only does the weapon feature all of the hallmark Marui Quality, it also has all of the functions you would expect of the real world equivalent. The weapon features the Ergonomic, 5 Position Sliding Crane Stock, which also houses the weapons Unique battery. The Fire Selector is the standard AR type, Safe-Semi-Auto, which smoothly slides into position

Other Features: 

  • Part of Tokyo Marui’s Recoil Shock AR/M4 Range
  • Electronic Blowback Recoil Shock System
  • Accurate Replica M4A1 CQB-R
  • Replica Daniel Defense Quad 20mm RIS Railed Hand Guard
  • Quad 15.6cm Length 20mm RIS Rails
  • 18cm Length Sight Rail
  • A2 Style Textured Pistol Grip with Finger Ridge
  • A3 Style Flat Top Receiver w/ 20mm RIS Rail
  • Mock Bolt Plate moves Backwards via the Recoil Shock System
  • Mock Gas Tube
  • Solid Wobble-Free Build Quality
  • 5 Position Adjustable Sliding Crane Stock
  • Rubberised Buttpad
  • Removable Rear Ironsight
  • Windage & Range Adjustable Ironsights
  • Rear Wired, Battery Specific Connector
  • Battery Stored in the Crane Stock
  • Beautifully Designed Packaging
  • Branded:
    • ‘M4A1 CARBINE’
    • ‘CAL. 5.56MM.’
    • ‘COLT MFG. CO. INC.’
    • ‘-U.S.A.-‘
    • ‘C MP’
    • ‘5.56 NATO 1/7’
    • ‘ASGK’

Package Includes:

  • 82rnd Recoil Shock Magazine
  • Front Ironsight Adjustment Tool
  • Allen Key
  • Instruction Manual (Japanese, Pictograms)
  • SOPMOD Battery Charging Adaptor

Special Instructions:

Please note that the Tokyo Marui – M4 uses proprietary magazines, and is not compatible with regular Airsoft AEG magazines.

As part of the M4 Recoil Shock series, this Airsoft gun utilises the Bolt Lock / Stop function; when the magazine is empty the gun will stop firing, hitting the Bolt release will allow it to fire again.