Product Description

  • Tri-Barrel Hop-Unit
  • Full Automatic Shotgun
  • High Quality Construction

An Airsoft shotgun with a secret or three up it’s barrel, this Tokyo Marui designed Airsoft replica of the AA-12 is a fully automatic electric Airsoft Gun, with 3 individual barrels which fire simultaneously with every trigger pull.

An Electric Powered Airsoft AEG with a difference, not only is it a shotgun, but each barrel fires simultaneously, making it a fully automatic Airsoft Shotgun. The weapon is a replica of the AA12, also known as the Auto Assault Shotgun is a reduced Recoil Fully Automatic Shotgun, seen in many video-games and films, such as ‘Battlefield 4’, and used by Terry Crews with great effect in ‘The Expendables’. The Airsoft Equivalent is one of the most impressive weapons to date, created by Tokyo Marui with all the latest top-quality technology, featuring a Full Polymer Main Body, with an Alloy Metal Inner Frame, Trigger, Fire Selector, Sights and Outer Barrel. The weapon’s most impressive feature is it’s tri-barrel hop-up design, with each barrel featuring its own adjustable hop up, making the gun not only tri burst, but have great range as well. The weapon comes with a 90 round magazine, allowing you to fire up to 30 shots before reload, and is of a mid-cap design. There weapon’s body comes designed with Knurled Grip sections on the Front of the Body and Magazine giving the user maximum grip on the weapon when firing, as well adding a pinch of flair to the body. The weapon’s battery compartment is at the rear of the weapon, leaving plenty of space for Batteries. The weapon incorporates Front and Rear Iron sights, as well as Sling Loops, allowing you to lower the weapon when not in use. This weapon is truly unique, and is just about the right purchase for any Airsoft Skirmisher, being one of the best engineered products in the Industry, offering spades and spades of Marui Magic and Wizardry.


  • Tri Shot AEG
  • Semi and Full Auto
  • 3 Individual Hop Units
  • Fires 3 Rounds From 3 Barrels
  • FET Fitted
  • Large Rear Battery Compartment
  • Blade Fuse In Battery Compartment
  • 90 Round Magazine
  • Polymer Body with Metal Frame and Components
  • Front and Rear Iron Sights
  • Front and Rear Sling Points
  • Knurled Grip Sections on Front of the Body and Magazine
  • Incorporates Marui Magic
  • Branded:
    • ‘AA-12 Sledgehammer’ on Charging Handle
    • ‘AA12’ on Stock
    • ‘SLEDGEHAMMER’ on Magazine

Package Includes:

  • AA-12 Sledge Hammer Automatic Electric Shotgun
  • Magazine
  • Instruction Manual

Special Instructions:

Please note that as each time the trigger is pulled 3 BB’s are fired, this may be a problem with some Semi-Auto Only Airsoft Skirmish Sites, please call ahead to avoid disappointment.

Due to the complexity and proprietary nature of the internals of this weapon we highly recommended that this weapon is left fully stock, and no attempt is made to ‘upgrade’ it as this will cause catastrophic and irreversible damage that can not be covered by manufacturers warranty