Product Description

  • Two-Stage Trigger
  • Adjustabe Hop-Up
  • CO2 Non-Blowback

A Gas None-blowback Co2 Airsoft 6mm BB Revolver, created by ASG with their Brand New Design, transforming the Dan Wesson Range of Revolvers from Party Piece to Skirmishable Weapon.

The weapon is constructed completely from Alloy, with the exception of the Slip Reducing Textured Rubber Grip. The weapon is fully Licensed from Dan Wesson CZ-USA, and is fully branded, giving the weapon an even more realistic look. The weapon makes the jump to Skirmishable weapon by featuring an adjustable top hop-up unit, which allows you to add spin to the BB and add range to the weapon. The weapon features a 6 Shell Cylinder, with a unique front release hatch, which makes it easy to quickly and easily reload the weapon, as well as a precise drum lock design to ensure the weapon is perfectly loaded before firing. The weapon features Square Pictured Ironsights, with an adjustable rear sight for Windage and Elevation. The trigger pull of the gun is smooth, with a double action mechanism, allowing the textured hammer to be pre-cocked to ensure the first shot of the weapon is as fast as possible. The grip of the weapon is constructed of rubber, with a ridged grip to increase hold, and is removed to allow the insertion of the bulb. Removing the grip reveals an integrated bulb release Allen key meaning that you will never have to lose an Allen key ever again whilst in the field. Each Dan Wesson also features a unique serial number on the left side of the Pistol, allowing you to quickly identify your weapon should it be mixed up with another players. This pistol is perfect for those who have been put off by buying the original Dan Wesson which did not have a hop-up, and want a revolver which will actually go the distance.


  • ASG’s Brand new Design
  • Fully Licenced by Dan Wesson, CZ-USA
  • Gas non-blowback
  • Easy to access adjustable top Hop-up system
  • Strong Hop-Up Adjustment allowing the use of a range of weights
  • Compatible with ASG’s new Dan Wesson Rail Range
  • Weight similar to the real thing
  • Unique front Cylinder Release Latch
  • Houge Brand Imitation Textured Rubber Grip with Embossed Logo
  • Discreet Safety Switch Behind Hammer
  • Precise drum lock design
  • Full metal Heavy Duty outer Barrel
  • Ridged Rubber Grip for Extra Hold
  • Square Sight Picture
  • Adjustable Rear Ironsight for Windage and Elevation
  • Hammer can be Cocked for a quicker Initial Shot
  • Bulb Unscrew Tool Integrated into Hand Grip Panel
  • Double Action Function
  • Smooth Trigger Pull
  • Rough Patterned Hammer Design
  • Unique Serial number
  • Branded:
    • ‘Dan Wesson’
    • ‘ASG’
  • Engraved:
    • ‘.357 Magnum’

Package Includes:

  • Dan Wesson 715 6″ Airsoft Revolver
  • Dan Wesson Shell x6
  • Dan Wesson Speed Loader
  • Allen Key
  • Instruction Manual