Product Description


The WE Double-Barrel G17 features quite a few new proprietary parts including: a double barrel slide, double hammer assembly, double-size magazine housing, double lower frame, individually adjustable hop ups, G series double magazine/baseplate and double barrel bushings. WE has strived to keep as many parts as possible interchangeable with their standard WE single G series counterparts, so you will also be pleased to find that many parts are cross-compatible between single and double pistols. The dual magazine holds 50 bbs (25 in each side),

Length: 220mm
Shooting Mode: Safety, Semi-Auto , Fully-Auto
Power Source : 8KG (134A Gas), 12KG (Green gas)
Color: Black
Magazine Loading Capacity : 46 rounds (one magazin can Loading 23 rounds)
Material: Metal
Bullet type: 6mm BB
Manufacturer: WE